The Story of Coffee in New Orleans

18th Century to Present

The exhibit explores Coffee in Louisiana, from the days of steamships and sailboats that braved the Mississippi to bring precious coffee to the city of New Orleans from the tropics. New Orleans remains the #1 coffee port in the United States, the United States is the #1 coffee consuming nation in the world, and New Orleans is the largest consumer of coffee per capita, exploring the relationship between the Port of New Orleans  and the coffee culture of the City of New Orleans.

The new installment, Delivering Ground Coffee, explores the history, packaging, and transportation of roasted, ground and packaged coffee that is ready for the pot. The story of the origins and eastward spread of coffee as described in “The Folger Way” provides insights into how we arrived at where we are today–the array of coffee products, starting with a morning cup to savoring a coffee liqueur following our evening meal. New Orleans has been a central roasting and distribution city of Folgers coffee for over 50 years.  This allows SoFAB access to a truly in-depth and up-close view of operations that were launched during the Gold Rush in 1850. The huge distribution system, the contacts through the port of New Orleans, and many other factors have made America the number # 1 coffee drinking country in the world.

Preview a brief history of the Folgers Company on their Facebook page, here.

Many thanks to the generous support and artifacts from Folgers Coffee,  Community Coffee, Mark Ricard, Jack Carrel, and Mike Tregle. This exhibit is growing organically to reflect the scope of coffee in America and the world.

Check out the video from This Week in Louisiana Agriculture as reporter Avery Davidson explains how a good cup of coffee shaped culture here in Louisiana.


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    If you wanted to serve some coffee from Brazil:

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