Pots and Pans Project

Calling all Restaurants!

From Cafe Reconcile

The Pots and Pans Project is going to be a public art sculpture made of pots and pans from restaurants all over the South. Chef Timothy Swepston will be designing and creating the sculpture that will be on display at the new Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Read more about Chef Swepston here.

Be a part of the project! Have your restaurant represented in the sculpture by donating a pot or pan that you no longer use.

Call the Southern Food & Beverage Museum at (504) 569-0405 to arrange a time for us to pick it up.

If possible include a photo of the chef with the pot/pan and a menu from your restaurant!

Board Members Julia Johnston and Chef Norman Van Aken

from Grand Isle Restaurant

LOTS of Pots and Pans from the Westin New Orleans


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