Kuyper Cake Collection

The Kuyper Cake Collection was started by Frances Kuyper, known as the Cake Lady, and represents historic and artistic examples of the art of cake decorating. The large collection of specimen cakes were rescued and preserved after Ms Kuyper passed away by Susan Holtz, the director of the Culinary Department of the Occupational Center in the Division of Adult and Career Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Susan donated the entire collection to SoFAB in September, 2012 and SoFAB went on a cross country drive to get them.

The Cake Museum began in Kuyper’s garage. She would invite cake decorators to teach classes and during the time they were there they were given the opportunity to decorate a cake, which she then displayed in the museum. The museum contained 150 cakes featuring professional decorating bakers and artist from around the world. Additionally, there are nearly 100 video tapes that demonstrate the methods of cake-decorating used in different countries as well as over 500 decorating books. Learn more about Frances Kuyper and the start of her cake collecting here. To learn more about the art of complex cake decorating and its place in culinary culture, explore this brief editorial from special researcher Ilana Obuchowski.

Many thanks to Susan Holtz for donating the Kuyper collection to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Susan will continue to be involved with the cakes as the Curator of the Kuyper Cake Collection. Many thanks to Domino Foods, Inc. for the generous sponsorship of the Kuyper Cake Collection.



Susan Holtz

Susan Holtz is a natural born teacher with decades of professional experience as a baker, instructor and entrepreneur with a portfolio of accolades to show for her efforts in each of these arenas. What Susan takes just as much pride in though, are her hundreds of graduates now working in the culinary arts field.

Susan is the Director of Culinary Arts at West Valley Occupational Center in Woodland Hills, CA and is an Adjunct Faculty Instructor in Cake Decoration at Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar, CA.  In addition, Susan is President of her own Baking and Cake Art Academy whose company website, www.bakingandcakeart.com, provides the ultimate in detailed and informative online baking and cake art lessons. These lessons are geared to teach the mastery of baking and cake art techniques in thirty minutes or less. Also the company offers hand-on semi-private and private lessons conducted at corporate headquarters in West Los Angeles, CA.

Learn more about Susan and her work here.


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