Field Trips at SoFAB

Bringing a class to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum is a great experience for all ages. We can custom fit any of these activities to the appropriate age and topic of the class.

  • Tour the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. Docents are available
  • Cooking Demonstrations- Docents at the museum can cook gumbo, jambalaya etc and everyone will get a taste of the food.
  • Hands on Classes- Students can make dough or dishes like jambalaya.
  • Lectures- Beyond simply lecturing on the history of food or a cultural aspect of food, our lecture presentations include descriptive activities of food. An example of this presentation may be to have a blindfolded student taste an apple and describe to the rest of the class what exactly they taste. Rather than saying it is good or bad, they can describe the texture, taste and feelings associated with the food.

We can also help with teaching material. Here at the museum, we can help teachers with specific teaching points about the activities and assignment ideas related to the material presented.

  • Since each activity is different in costs, please contact the museum for specific pricing information.

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  1. Ty
    Posted April 29, 2012 at 12:31 am | Permalink

    Can you give me the prices on the different field trips? We’re a homeschool group, so we’ll have kids of all ages from 4-15. After I know the price, I’ll have an idea of how many people are interested.

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